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Thread: winlogon.exe error.

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    Hi guys, Im having this problem,
    everything is fine with my PC, but sudently, this error window pops,

    and no mater what buton I click, the PC will re-start.

    -Im not shure if it actually is the cause, but I might add that the three or four times, it happened when I had just open Azureus,
    could it be it?

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    A virus could possibly cause such a problem.
    however it could also be just a program mulfuction.
    Scan your pc for virus-->if nothin' :
    Try to reinstall the program. if the problem keeps comin' up then is probably a problem that your pc caused.
    If third case---> restart your pc stop some start up programs that you don't really need them and try to run the program again.


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