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Thread: Windows Installatin ?.

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    I wanted to install Windows Longhorn on a different partion of of my HD and wanted to know how I can install Longhorn on the different partion without burning a cd and then installing it?

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    Why don't you want to burn a CD?

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    Well, its to big to fit on a CD.
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    You couldnt mount it can you? Yeah that wouldnt work, nevermind. Just burn it to a DVD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orcutt989
    You couldnt mount it can you? Yeah that wouldnt work, nevermind. Just burn it to a DVD.
    I don't have a DVD Burner.

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    It should fit on a cd, it's designed to.

    I take it it's an image right?
    Go into Nero>Click Recorder>Click Burn Image>Point to the image file>Burn

    edit: actually, i might be wrong, not sure if it's a CD or a DVD... what is the exact size of the image file?
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    get partition magic 8 and select option that says install another opreating system, it will creat u a diffrent partition and installs the windows on it, then each windwos will work for it self without bugging another.

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    Most longhorn releases I know of fit on a cd-r.


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