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Thread: Burn & play. What programs to use?

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    I looked around here: the guides & around the net. Everything was greek to me or not pertinent.

    OK just got access to a high speed connection. Before didn't bother with video. Now I'm dl'ng a lot of vids. Updated my codec pack to K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 1.34. Installed Video LAN .82 (VLC). Updated my Nero, got & installed all 4 packages: Nero-, NVE-, NeroMIX- & WMAPlugin20933.

    I could play everything OK. But everything I installed in sequence: KLMCP, VLC & Nero, took over file association. Some files play better, some not & some not at all. Fn Nero fd up my QT & RM files. Oh yeah I don't have a dvd burner, just a cd burner. Don't plan on getting a dvd burner yet stubborn & lazy. I will but for now...

    Some vcds won't burn. My real question is there a guide to what programs to install to play & burn most all file types? Which program to have control over which file type etc. How to split or shrink some vcds. The fewer programs the better. And then this encoding crap. Why does it take an hour or so to encode vids? Why doesn't Nero or another program just burn them? I feel like I'm reinventing the wheel. Help please. Thanks.

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    If you mount DVD or CD images I like Alcohol 120% the most. I dont know what your attempting to encode although Im guessing avi to mpeg for a dvd player which is a hassle generally. You may want to purchase a dvd player that plays avi files as data like the Phillips DVP642. If you get that player or similar kust puts avi files as data and your set almost all of them play fine...
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    No Reality my deal is I dl the movies in VCD or SVCD format w/dffrnt file types. I just got 3 major overlapping apps & no real solution.

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    Try checking

    A lot of info can be found as well as tutorials.

    A buttload of info can be found if you have the patience to look for it on that site.

    Btw, open Windows Explorer, click>tools>folder options, then the "file types" tab.
    Scroll to the file type you want to associate with a particular program, and click the change button to do so.

    Good luck


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