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Thread: still problems with newsleecher 2.3

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    2 days ago i installed NL 2.3 and got a key from the net, installed everything and worked fine, but just now NL told me that 3 of the 4 connections to my usenet server ( were lost because i was over my connections limit..((got 4 slots and no data limit))

    So i wanted to restart the program, but it wouldnt close down properly so i had to kill it, when i restarted it my key was gone, so i entered the key again and restarted the program but still no go, keeps asking for the key and remains in trial mode.
    After some searching i got to this forum and found the host file fix, so i added the 2 lines and restarted the program, but it just remains in trial mode, i do get an error that supersearch is not availeble because the server is unreacheble, so the host file fix is correct but still in trial mode...

    Does anyone have an id what im doing wrong??

    ((ps i wanted to try an older version (2.0) but i cant find a download location.. ))

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    cracking discussions arent allowed.. posting how you can add a website to your hosts file is ok. but asking or telling how to crack etc.. isnt allowed.

    Ik kan je NL 1.0 wel sturen die werkt wel perfect
    I can send you NL 1.0, this version works fine. PM me if you want it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by {I}{K}{E}
    the hosts trick will disable supersearch.

    cracking discussions arent allowed..

    Ik kan je NL 1.0 wel sturen die werkt wel perfect
    Oops reading the rules as we speak
    I'd like to try 1.0 so tnx! 2.3 is pissing me of @ the moment

    Niet? oh zag meer mensen met dit soort topics, toch maar even rules lezen
    Als je die mij kunt sturen graag, wordt beetje pissig van 2.3...
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    PM send.

    forgot to say in PM:

    remove 2.3 completely before installing 1.0
    also remove the folder 'C:\Program Files\NewsLeecher' (but make sure you dont have any unfinished downloads in that folder)
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