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Thread: New Built-in Avatars

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    tesco's Avatar woowoo
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    Aug 2003
    I've added some new avatar packs to the board.
    To see them go to your UserCP>click Edit Avatar>Choose a category and browse through the pages of avatars.

    Saves you the time of hunting down an avatar, resizing it, and uploading.

    Ok they're not new, they're the ones we had with IPB.

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    good work

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    peat moss's Avatar Software Farmer BT Rep: +15BT Rep +15BT Rep +15
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    May 2003
    Delta B.C. Canada
    Thanks Ross I sent some work mates to this site and that was one thing they always asked , where's the avatar settings (dumb shits) .

    One asked if she could use mine , no she's not blonde !
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