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Thread: Problems w/ CD/DVD burner?

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    I have a Sony Vaio w/ a bulit-in CD/DVD burner. I use Nero Express/ Vision for burnong CDs and DVDs. Recently I've been having more and more burn failures. I usually get a message "burn process failed. power calibration error." Is there something wrong w/ my burner, the Nero software I'm using, or perhaps the driver my burner uses? When I first got this laptop this never happened, but gradually I've been going through more and more CDs. I use relatively high-quality Memorex CD-R 700MB. Is there anything I can do?

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    First off have you updated your firmware. Also do you know what model writer you have. As for me I just really dont care for Nero really as my system seemed to always have issues with it and seemed other apps I use like Alcohol 120% didnt...

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    It's a Matshita UJ-810 DVD-R. I'm not sure what firmware is or how it would have been updated, but no I haven't actively updated it myself. The reason I use NEro is b/c it's all an inclusive (DVD, Audio/ Data, etc. CD) burner, it's easy to use and I don't have to convert file types. Is Alchohol 120% able to burn everything like Nero (when it works that is...)? Thanks for your help!

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    I've been using Nero Express and NEro Vision to burn CDs (mp3s/ Audio/ Data etc.) and DVDs, but recently I've been getting a lot of burn failures (burn process failed. Power calibration error.) This hardly ever happened before, but now is becoming more and more common even though I've been recently only using higher quality Memorex 700MB CD-Rs.

    I've been recommended Alchohol 120%, but I'm worried that it won't be as all inclusive (i.e. I can use it to burn anything) or as easy to use as Nero 6 (express/ vision.) Can anyone tell me about Alchohol 120%? I haven't been able to find any threads about it in the forums.

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    1. use nero burning rom instead of the other nero tools.
    2. Do you use the latest version of the Nero programs? Get Nero
    3. about the error; check this thread
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    ThankS IKE!!!

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    I haven't upgraded my Nero for a while, but I will now, and I'll try this trick w/ checking the drive speed. Thanks a million!

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    If you can't find a firmware upgrade, try another brand of disks. Just because the disks you are using are "high quality" (pronounced "more expensive branded") it doesn't mean they are completely compatible with your drive.

    However, burners don't last forever, if you've used yours heavily it could simply be wearing out. TBH this doesn't sound like a software problem. Unless you've upgraded drivers or programs, software doesn't wear out like that.
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