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Thread: Dynalink ADSL Wireless Modem with 4 ports

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    Need help, my ADSL although have wireless but it does not go outside te peremeter of house more that 15 feet but in the house it goes up to 20 feet. It is a wireless Model RTA300W and will hit only 11mg but I have tried it over 20 feet outside but it just got low frequency and cant get through my broadband on my laptop.

    I have recently tried the NETGEAR latest Wireless Super RangeMax router with seven antenna but it is just not easy to configure. Got to the stage of changing ip address of the rounter so it will not have a conflict with my adsl router but still cant get the internet connection.

    Return the router anyway later after trying for 5 to 6 hours.

    Anyone knows of a similar experience where an old wireless 802.11b modem router going with a wireless access point or rounter with speed of 54mg that is easy and cheap for me to try, with a long range of upto 50 meters and high frequency catchment.


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    Why'd you post this in the News section?


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    Not quite sure what you are asking, but I think you want to combine an old 802.11b wireless modem router with a 802.11g Wireless AP. First of all, the maximum speed of an 802.11b wireless system is 11mb/s, you won't get faster than that unless you follow what I suggest below.

    If you want to use an 802.11b wireless modem router with a 802.11g Wireless AP, you probably need to do a number of things:

    • Turn off the router function on the 802.11g device
    • Turn off the wireless function on the 802.11b device
    • Connect the two devices with a wired connection

    You can't sensibly have more than 1 router between your PCs and the internet, and since the modem router is the nearest point to the internet it makes sense to leave that one enabled so that no other part of your network is exposed. You need to disable any router function in the other device so that it just acts as a switch. This is probably the problem you were having with the Netgear router.

    Similarly it doesn't make sense to have more than a single Wireless AP, otherwise they are just going to interfere with each other, since switching between b and g standards may cause problems for the higher speed device. As you want the higher speed it makes sense to disable the wireless function of the slower one.

    You now have a single router function and a single wireless function, but they aren't connected. And since your router now does not have wireless you have to connect them with a 100mb/s cable.

    Edit: You could try this as your wireless AP, it doesn't have the unneeded router function and has long range too.

    However, since you also seem to be suggesting that you haven't got the 802.11g Wireless AP, this seems to be a complex way of achieving your objective. It seems to me that it would be far better to simply dump your existing wireless modem router and replace it with one that is capable of 802.11g. The cost in UK for one with a built in modem isn't much different from the cost of a simple Wireless AP router and you cut out all the hassle, but I can't say what prices are like whare you are.

    Since you are familiar with Dynalink, the rta770w should be a suitable alternative.


    Whatever you get, you may need an external aerial on your AP and on your laptop in order to achieve a range of 50 metres, that's about the maximum limit for connectivity with standard aerials. And since that's the case, the cheapest option initially may simply be to buy external aerials for your existing equipment.
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