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Thread: Is there anything really good about Service Pack 2?

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    I have windows Xp Service Pack 1. Does it make the system smoother or better in anyways? I have a firewall and Anti virus already so is it necessary?

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    This is a software question...Yes patches and updates are critical.

    Peace bd

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    Moved to Software section.

    About the SP2:

    I think its good to have because of the security issues.
    It takes about a few minutes of unpatched XP to get
    infected after install and connected to the net.

    For IT ppl with some corp. network its a little different thing
    since SP2 could broke some apps. Atleast it did when it came out.

    But for end-users I recommend it, beneficts outweight the possible
    bad issues of sp2. imo.
    I have not have a huge issues with SP2. The firewall is sort of a joke innit
    but its better than none. One still needs a real Firewall and Antiviri
    especially on teh filesharing enviroment.

    I made an UnAttented install cd, has the SP2 and security updates integrated
    and the XP is pretty much patched right after the install.
    Plus, it dont ask serials etc because all the aswers are in the file (WINNT.SIF)
    The install runs about 30 to 45 min and ends up on desktop with Royale theme,
    plus tons of preset reg-tweaks and apps installed.

    Check for guides section for more info if interested.

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    There's so many threads about SP2. Just Update

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    Yes, go for it.........the hardest thing to get used to is the Yellow Shield for updates after seeing the World for soo long.....


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