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Thread: power has anythin' to do with it?

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    guys i know this may sound like stupid quastion but..

    Does the computer power has anything to do with the downloading speed?
    the reason i'm asking is because my pc broke and now i'm using a shity one, i'm on DSL and the downloads now are way to slow. I had no such a problem b4.
    i used to download from Bit-Tornado form the iso hund webside with a downloading speed of 30-50kb/s at least.
    now i'm downloading with 2-13kb/s. WTF is going on??????
    my new pc is a lousy old Pentium 2 400MH with 128ram and a lousy 10 GB hard disk damn. Its acient!!!

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    I wouldnt think so, maybe the torrents are just bad?

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    yeah maybe it is.. well i'll try again and compare as soon as i get back my pc. damn i shouldn't overclock it....

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    no it doesnt

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    According to setup instructions for some clients, it does have an affect (it will tell you to limit your upload and download slots for older computers). From personal experience I have downloaded faster then people I know have faster transfer rates. I happen to have a new computer (total overkill) and have noticed a major difference especially in large swarms. Not exactly sure why this is but can guess that it is because I believe clients like to give priority to clients who answer thier requests faster and you are less likely to be snubed if you reciprocate in a timely manner. The speed of the answer from your computer would have to do not only with banwidth, but also system resources. So it seems to me if you are maxing out your resources it will have an affect / if not it won't.

    And you probably know this but throttle back your upload speed. My download speed basically doubles when I limit it to 80% of max.
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    as soon as i get back my pc i'll test and compare.
    anyhow thx guys!!!


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