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Thread: (1) Misspelt Web Addresses; (2) Personal Details

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    I have two different problems on my PC, any help to resolve them will be appreciated.

    (1) I have quite a few missplet web addresses in the Internet Address Bar. I know there is a way of deleting them from Regedit. Only I don't know how to reach that point in the tree of Regedit. Please help.

    (2) I would like my PC to remember the personal details like Users' e-mail addresses, Telephone Numbers,
    Names, and any other personal details. How can I make the PC remember these so I don't have to key in
    or type these details again and again. Any help will be appreciated .

    Thank you.


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    1) Control Panel > Internet Options > Clean history

    2) Control Panel > Internet Options > Content > AutoComplete

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    Open Internet Explorer>Tools>Internet Options>Clean History
    Open Internet Explorer>Tools>Internet Options>Delete Files
    Right Click Internet Explorer>Properties>Clean History
    Right Click Internet Explorer>Properties>Delete Files

    Thats some more ways you can do it along with Paul's.


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