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Thread: Nero Vs Easy Cd Creator

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    NOOb Alert! I've had to reload the OS (WinME), unfortunately done by tech/store. Thought there were hardware problems-couldn't load OS. Anyway that's all settled. MY question to y'all is about installing Nero. Tech installed Easy CD Creator. What I've picked up here is that proggy sux. "Use Nero"!!!

    So what I wonder is whether the sequence of unistall and install matters? I guess I'm worried about shared files?

    Prior to my failure last week I did uninstall Easy and then installed Nero. Seemed to have problems with Nero, however that could just have been the first warnings of my impending problem.

    Any advice you guru's you?

    Cheers, omc

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    Just un-install Easy CD Creator and install Nero. You shouldn't get any problems, I've tried out many burning programs, installing and un-installing program after program. No problems.

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    You can leave Easy CD creator installed. Just install Nero. I have both installed on my system. I also have other burning software as well.

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    I'm not so sanguine about Nero and Easy on the same computer. It didn't work out for me. I stuck with Easy, versions, I, II, III, IV and V - had buffer under-run problems with all of them. After I tried Nero, I uninstalled Easy and trashed all the manuals, disks, etc., and never looked back. (Did I mention I used to pay for software?). Nero's the answer.


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