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Thread: I need help creating a parition for Mandriva 10.1.

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    How do I create a partition for Mandriva linux so I can install it. And also I would like to know how to install Mandriva on my system.

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    It can make one by itself, I preferred leaving some free space and letting it make its own partitions using the "use free space" option, but you can also let it repertition a bit of your windows install, but if you do that, make sure the windows partition you pick has been defragmented properly before you do it.

    Be aware, tho' that the installer may have a problem with NTFS and that the OS might have problems writing to NTFS, I haven't tried it since it became mandriva, so I can't say for sure how good it'll work. At any rate, making sure you've got some free, unpartitioned space beforehand should let it work without a hitch.

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