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Thread: Multi-functioning Printer / Scanner

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    I am looking for a multi-functional printer / scanner / copier.

    Have u every used these types machines.

    My main requirements is to do scanning and photocopying books.

    How easy is it to use these home-based multifunctioning machines for scanning and photo-copying.

    What should I look for in these machines

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    They work good but I don't know if its just my printer but they seem to take in like 5 pieces or more sometimes when I put like 20 pieces of paper in the tray.

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    which model are u using.

    How easy is it to put a book onto these printers for photocopying??

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    If you already have a printer, just get the scanner. My $50.00 Canon scanner has the following buttons: COPY/SCAN/FILE/E-MAIL. The only thing I can't do is fax.


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