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    So what is up with
    I've been trying to access there site for about 3 weeks now.
    Any one know if there is a backdoor for the tracker?

    Also, is there any other DEVOTED (PSP) sites out there?

    Thanx in Advance

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    never knew there was a psp torrent site....i am looking into geting a PSP but havent seen a major flow of psp torrents hit the sites yet wich makes me think they dont have it all patched yet to be able to get these playing movies and games and stuff of a memory card? if so please i would love some info on what these little sweet lookin machines are made of and if there worth the $, and where we can start geting games, movies, etc. from our favorite torrent sites?!!??

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    psptorrents is the torrent website for pspcrazy is still around if your trying to get other stuff but for torrent it now directs you to psptorrents it should be up soon more then likely they just ran into some problems during the change...

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    i searched a while ago and found that psptorrents will be down for a while as they are making some major changes or something :|

    just use torrentspy for now i guess

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    Too bad as popular the PSP Scene is right now, no one has dedicated a PSP Torrent website?
    There are many things you can have on that site:
    Movies(MP4), Music(MP3), Games(ISO'S), Applications(HOME-BREW), pictures(BACKGROUNDS) and many more....

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    does anyone know of a decent site with psp torrents ?

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    try more than 100 psp games with many seeders very good site for psp games


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