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Thread: Some gaming problems

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    Ive downloaded a few MMORPG's, such as Gateway to Heaven and PristonTale, which are slash and hack, collect items and such like Diablo is. However after installing and running the game, i get as far as the log in screen or the character creatin screen and can not go any further. The reason for not going further is that for some reason my internet has disconnected....

    I cant work out why this is happening, and it isnt once or twice, i have ran a few of the games 15+ times and it all ends the same way. I really cant understand why its doing this, it doesnt happen on any of my other games...except the MMORPG's downloaded from the net.

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    Do these games, you are attempting to play, require some sort of "membership/subscription"?

    The mere fact that you mention a login screen has me wondering.

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    No none of that, you just have to register an account to play. They are totaly free...

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    PristonTale has a subscription thing you have to pay 15 a month. And GateWay to Heaven is no where to be found I just get StarGate websites.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scott_pd
    No none of that, you just have to register an account to play. They are totaly free...

    Got a link mabye you missed something ?

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    PristonTale only has a fee after level 39, upto that point its totaly free. This is Gateway to Heaven This is PristonTale This is Knights-Online

    I encounter the exact same problems with all 3 games, the reason i dont think its any subscription problems is because its disconnecting my internet. To reconnect i have to manualy remove the USB from the back of the modem, and insert it again and it connects. So i get a message at the login screen or server select or something like that saying "Can not connect to server" or some such, and when i come out of the game, my internet isnt working. So i have to do what i said above.
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    Don't use USB to connect your modem if you can.

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    IT has an Ethernet option, i should use that instead? And these problems only started to occur recently, a few months back when i was playing the same game it worked fine. Then i stoped playing, and came back to it recently.


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