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Thread: Painkiller deviance

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    alright my friend downloaded this game from pirate bay and he burnt it to three cds i installed the game and it installed fine but when i went to play it with 1 of the 3 cds it wouldnt work. i tried all of them and all of said to insert the right disk. so i went on game copy world and downloaded the crack for the game because there was no crack in the deviance folder on disk 1 only the keygen. so i installed the downloaded crack and it comes up with this error
    Painkiller.exe- Entry point not found
    The procedure entry point ?Tick@PhysicsEngine@@QAE_NM_N@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library Engine.dll.

    I tried to download a different crack from the same website and it didnt work either. im pretty sure the game is version 1.0 can someone please help me or tell me how i can fix it i really want to play the game. andy infor would be greatly apprecaited.

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    i got that problem fixed by reinstalling the game and using the engine.dll in the deviance folder but now when i click on the game to play it it starts to load and zone alarm asks if i want it to access the internet and whichever i click on it dont matter the screen goes black for a sec and then it makes a beep and says ERROR on the task bar and all i can do is right click and hit close or move. i cant look to see what error or anything. at the end of the installation it asked me if i wanted to install directx 9.0b and i said no because i though i already had it. any ideas?

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    i installed direct x 9.0c and updated the game to version 1.15 and put the 1.15 crck in it and it trys to starts and still says error in the taskbar. does any one have any idea why it would do this? please help!

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    Make sure your directx is the latest release directx 9.0c
    here is a link

    hope this is the problem cuz its an easy fix
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