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Thread: emule plus messages question..

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    what is that boys.

    whenever I send message using the send message feature of emul plius , no one replies.

    I dont know wether my messages arrive at others list or people are jsut so idiots that they dont reply. in my opinion i think that messages are not sent to another user in emul plus , because if it was not the case, I could at least got one reply back from hundreds of users.

    is this the case with som,eone else?
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    littlestevee's Avatar Nankan King
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    could be that they are in different time zones, sleeping
    maybe they have messages disabled
    i have messaged with a few people using emule
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    just one word m8 "SPAM"!!!!

    im suprised you didnt have some allready...and could be for security reasons... (example : the dutch mpaa used this function last year to spam the heck out of ppl, warning them about Copyright infrightment)

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    m not a spammer
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    the problem is still unresolved
    Crazy about filesharing


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