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Thread: A Couple Of Divx Movies Wont Play On The Latest Bs

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    a couple of divx movies wont play on the latest bsplayer. the ring, and the pianist freeze/pause. they play in winDOHS media player - any idea guys! Bs werks great on my tv, Mplaya sux.

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    Are you sure the movies are not Xvid cos Bs player cannot play Xvid most times. I really dont like Bs player for the reason it won't play Xvid.

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    Try Crystal Player, small and good...Plays eveything I threw at it with the klcodec pack behind it.

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    I had the same problem - Try this -
    In the options/Preferences tacb - go to the Audio tab and then in the "For AC3 Decoding use - check Intervideo Audio Decoder.
    Hope this helps !!


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