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Thread: divx to dvd!?

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    Anyone know and easy way of putting avi's (usually divx) onto a dvd in dvd format??? if so could someone pls tell me where to get the software, have tried numerous little programs but none of them seem to work at the end when i put the disc in dvd player. its PAL btw


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    on something.
    You can convert them to mpeg2s with tmpgenc (I usually use virtualdub to rip the sound to wav beforehand, so i can use that as the sound source, 'cos that works better for me).

    However, I recently found this:

    Which has turned out to be excellent for my needs. To use it you only really need Diko,DVDlab (you can find the latter fairly easily through BT or e-mule if the trial isn't enough for you and you don't want to pay) and something like Nero.

    Convert the files with Diko, Make a simple menu, add any subtitles if you need them and mux the whole thing with DVDLab, and then use the files in the video TS folder you get to burn a DVD in Nero.

    I gotta' say it's the easiest and simultaneously most foolproof way to fix a DVD from single or multiple xvid/divx sources I've ever seen.

    You can also have a look at this:
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    I convert avi files to dvd with a program called 'WinAvi'. I think it's great.

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    Nero Vision Express is great too!

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    VSO divx to dvd
    `anyone from Argentina on this board?

    I need your help and if you can help me pM me

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    Quote Originally Posted by NooN
    Nero Vision Express is great too!

    its way too slow compared to others ive used !


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