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    has anyone tried this site?

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    Vargas's Avatar gone fishin'
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    the poopdeck
    i use it, but it looks like it won't be up long if no one donates :p

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    i tried it a couple of times, and liked it.
    its in my fevorites.

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    manker's Avatar effendi
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    Always a good thing to have another public tracker to back up torrentspy. Nice one.
    I plan on beating him to death with his kids. I'll use them as a bludgeon on his face. -

    --Good for them if they survive.

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    Looks like a good site.

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    looks like they're on their last legs ... euros are an expensive currency, too, for those stuck on the north american continent.

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    i don't trust the site. way too many seeders, that's unheard of. just like on torrentspy, the people there on the forums tell you beware of files that have like 3000 thousand seeders. it's crazy. i don't download there anymore. i did once, and that file was kingdom of heaven. when i opened it, there wasn't anything there. so, now i dont trust anything they have posted.

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    i think its brill jus needs more users

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    its ok, and it is a back-up for torrentspy for me.


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