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Thread: CD/DVD Drives disappeared...

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    My cd burner and dvd burner just stopped working, today I noticed my pc booting was slower then usual and I didnt think nothing of it... now my dvd/cd drives just disappeared and dont show up in "my computer".... it happened after I installed alchol 120% but I dont know if thats related and cd/dvd drives are set at my second boot option in bios..

    also I cant even view virtual drives and they dont show up in my device manager nomore but I can open the trays and the light flickers on so they are connected
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    I'm assuming you've checked for viruses. If not, do that first.

    I'm also assuming that the physical drives are detected by bios. Again, if not, sort that out first.

    I've seen similar problems where the system has got confused about it's real and virtual drives. Try removing the virtual drive software to see if the physical drives come back. Reboot after removing the software even if it doesn't require you to do so.

    If the do not reappear, then in device manager, click "view" and select "show hidden devices". Now select "DVD/CD-ROM drives" and remove all the entries. Reboot again.

    Hopefully your drives will be re-detected.

    If this still hasn't sorted out your problem there are some recovery/repair options you may want to try, but see if any of the above work first.
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