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Thread: wedding crashers stuck on 99.8%

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    been downloading wedding crashers for two days now and still stcuk on 98%. im using myBittorrent and am new to this can anyone help me? dont know what to do

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    Most likely not a problem on your end, the uploader must have changed or deleted a portion of the torrent after it was created... most clients will allow you to open a details page that should list the percent compleated of every file in the torrent, find this page in your client, as long as all the rar files read 100% then you should be ok to extract... otherwise you might have to contact the uploader see if you can get this sorted...


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    Most likely a thums.db so try and extract as its most likey fine...
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    thanx for your help guys will try it...

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    This happened to a friend of mine with Revenge of the Sith, the evening before it was coming out in cinemas. Earned the title of ''most annoying download ever".

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    I had two like that this week - found a new site - am I allowed to post full urls here?- some forums rap your knuckles - so I'll delete a coulple of letters just in case - If I had found this site before I downloaded, it would have saved me huge amount of time and computer resources.


    My two were in here and they were not healthy as per this site and I was stuck on 99.1 and 99.9 for two days - had to find healthy ones and start again.

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    Lot of forums posters claim this to be a fake file as every one gets stuck at the same point

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    Im stuck at 97.6 its been a long ass time do i just extract??

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    I have a similiar problem, but in eDonkey. Anyone know how to preview a zip file in eDonkey?

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    On torrentspy the wedding crasher torrent is fake..
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