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Thread: Too lazy to create a torrent for 50mb file? just upload it here

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    first of all let me say what a great forum this is, I enjoy it and this is my small contribution to it.

    whenever you need to share a large file or set or files use sendspace, you can upload files up to 500mb in size and have all your friends download them, there are no restrictions on number of downloads.

    also they have this amazing progress bar for when uploading files so you can see the progress as it uploads (any idea how they did it?!)

    and it's FAST! really fast.

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    nice find - its the only one ive seen with progress meter
    how long do the files stay there?

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    so the topic should be " Too lazy to create a torrent for 500mb file? just upload it here"?

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    The thread should be, "I'm a spammer that doesn't know how to copy and paste". He registered as subbie at another forum, and copied the stuff below his post. It is a useful site though, unlike the free gift spammers, but the presentation sucked.

    I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure he won't post again here.

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    hmm, you are right, this should definitely be the title.

    regarding posting in another related forum (that discusses file sharing), I don't see a reason not to let people know about this great resource.

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    Well I was wrong.

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