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Thread: USB To PSX Controller Stopped Working

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    Its been working for as long as I can remember and has suddenly stopped working. When I go to Control Panel and attempt to uninstall it so it can reset it says to use Device Manager although when I go there Im not sure which it is...

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    Since I also have one of those PS2 to USB adapters, I checked my device manager and it looks like it might be the HID USB Human Device
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    I saw that but wasnt sure if that was it...

    EDIT: Seems to be working now after resetting that.
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    My Psx-usb adapter is very touchy.

    The only way I can use it in XP is turn on my computer. And once Windows loads up (with it plugged in) it won't work. I have to unplug it, then plug it in. Don't know why but I have to do that everytime I want to use it.

    I suppose refresing it or disabling then enabling it in the Hardware Manager would be doing the same thing.
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