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Thread: Permanent Package Installer for Windows (KB898461)

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    [news=]The Package Installer for Windows is used to install software updates for Microsoft Windows operating systems and for other Microsoft products. Software update 898461 installs a permanent copy of the Package Installer for Windows version on the computer so that subsequent software updates can have a significantly smaller download size.

    Currently, the files for the Package Installer for Windows are downloaded every time that you use the Windows Update site or Automatic Updates to update the computer. This redundant download can be avoided if the installer files are made resident on the computer, because subsequent updates can use the resident files. Software update 898461 installs the files for the Package Installer for Windows version on the computer.

    View: Microsoft KB Article 898461
    Download Link: Package Installer for Windows version | 477 KB [Windows XP Home, Professional SP1 & 2][/news]
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    Does it come with the Windows Genuine Advantage package ? I think I'll pass.


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