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Thread: which server do you use

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    i like to use Razorback 2.0 because i like the name... ashaushausha

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    Razorback it's the best and with more users than others

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    Sep 2003
    yeah but what the hell with razorback limiting shares? wtf?
    razorback was the best server when I used eMule two years ago...

    just decided to reinstall emule,
    seems razorback is still most popular

    but still, wtf with the limit?

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    I use Donkey Server No 1

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    try NNov Russian (
    NNov Russian NEW! (

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    Razorback 2.0 or 2.1 and Donkey Server no. 5. No problem to connect.

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    razozback is no longer on my serverlist for some reason, can anybody provide me with its details?

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    Emule server list. Don't add the servers shown in red.
    This is a fairly dependable server list, it leaves out server such
    as the sonnyboy servers for good reason.
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    thank you very much

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