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Thread: Xbox 360 gonna have a qwerty controller?

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    Posted Jul 29, 2005, 4:45 PM ET by Ryan Block


    We donít know what the deal is with the source of where image was supposedly snapped from, but apparently during a really janky lookiní Espanol Xbox 360 presentation, one slide showed off a qwerty keyboard-equipped controller. The translation, friends, is utterly shocking:

    • QWERTY keyboard

    • Attached to the controller

    • Send text messages or chat during the game

    Source: Engadget
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    lol, pretty sure thats fake
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    well... i dunno about that controller being real or not... but it does sound like it's in line with some of the things i've read about the console companies finally trying to deliver on the "multimedia/internet hub" claims they'd used to hype the previous generation up. PS2 and Xbox both had basic support for DVD-Video, they could be hacked to run web browsers, and you could buy add-ons (or use hacks) to access multimedia on your LAN. but it sounds like official, out-of-the-box support for all that stuff (web browsing, instant messaging, multimedia-over-LAN) are supposed to be in the works for PS3 and Xbox360.

    so keyboard support on Xbox360 would make sense. and it'd be nice to just be able to type text in games, rather than navigating onscreen-keyboards with a joystick...

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    it must be able to fold back ore something... or else the regular controls wouldnt be reachable unless you have very big hands...

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    lol whats the point of that, why not just have a usb keyboard becouse the keys will just be too small lol, you will be pressing like 2 buttons at once.

    if it is real, lol the keyboard part even if it folds back it still will be anoying, and it cant like go in like a disk tray cos of all the electronics for analough and all rest of controlls, what are they goig to do if thats real, double the thickness of the control, xbox controls are allready annoying, it would be good if there is somthing so you can use ps2 controls on xbox and xbox 360, ps2 controls are just the best.
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    It's probably not fake, but it's obviously not the standard controller either.

    The FST group

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    ApacNTS's Avatar Helljumper
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    fucking retarded, if you wanna play with a keyboard, then buy one, that controller is complete and utter shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ApacNTS
    fucking retarded, if you wanna play with a keyboard, then buy one, that controller is complete and utter shit.
    I Agree.

    Smith is a bag of douche,FACT.

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    i could see this being sold with the Live! activation kits for future possibilities

    similar controllers have been sold for ps2 (but im not sure about xbox)

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    hmm seems backwards to me when they have the microphone

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