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Thread: list of all free mmorpg????

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    hey, can anyone give me some info on mmorpgames that are free to play online???

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    ah but roseonline is just in beta testing isnt it, and will most likely cos when its fully released wont it??

    isnt rose designed for girls tho??, it looks so girly

    played kings of chaos in age 2, got to somthing like 7,000 in rank , got board of it.
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    Rose has been a beta way to long, and yea its more for women.

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    thought so :p, is there any free mmorpgames that are free, for everyone not just mostly woman, and is not like kings of chaos, and is like 3d worlds and stuff.

    like errm guild wars.

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    its abit well, its like roller coaster tycoon (birds eye view), is there some thats like well tottaly 3d, good graphics, like a world or somthing, that game is more like ultima online.
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    the suburbs. honestment

    most of them are on here somewhere

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    guild wars is rated the best mmorpg. dang!

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    yea, but i bet i might be able to donwload it, but then i wont be able to play it cos of cd key's, i aint buying it, i am saving up to build a new computer so me no buy stuff.

    is it possible to donwload it then play it?, or will i be kicked from servers for having a used cd key?

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