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Thread: Length Longer Than Cd

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    CD-80 minutes. Audio file-1 hour,30 minutes. Is it possible to make it fit onto the one disk? If not how does a total newbie (another words please use simple terms) split it up? Also, do they make 90 minute CD's? I've heard yes, but have never seen one. Thanks

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    90 min do exist and so do 99 min HERE

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    if ur burning it as a red book audio file (a regular cd) ull have to split it up but if u burn it as a data file and u convert it to mp3 u can fit it on 1 disk plus a lot more

    if u need to split it use any audio editor and put 1 part on each disk

    if u do it as mp3s u need a mp3 player to here it or ur comp

    if u burn it red book ull need a cd player to here it or ur comp

    mp3= a data cd
    regular cd or red book audio (as a wave) = audio cd

    mp3s take a lot less space and u will probly not be able to here the diffrence in quality most peps cant and unless u got some super expencive speakers no one can tell the diffrence

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    If you do an Edge burn, the last song may be sorta messed up. I did it once in Nero, cause i wanted to completely fill the CD and it said it had to do an edge burn or something like that.


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