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Thread: please help, you are smart. i am retarded

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    Here's the problem:
    I have a group of files(family guy movie).
    I would like to know how to burn it into a
    dvd i can watch on a regular dvd player.

    The 72 files are composed of the following:

    1 MSINFO DOC (posted at the bottom)
    31 WINRAR Archive files named "famguyind" (every file has the exact same name and file size)
    37 files names "famguyind.R31" to "famguyind.R68"
    1 SFV file (i ran it and everything came out perfect)


    It has been my understanding that this has been floating around
    on the Internet for a few days now. Whatever happened to the
    scene? Well, here's the source, in DVDR format. Yes, I am aware
    that it is interlaced. I was too lazy to fix it. This is open
    for any and all groups to use for XViD, SVCD, and a proper DVDR.
    Enjoy, and spread the love.

    Please help me!!!!!
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    No need to make two topics.

    Have you extracted the contents of the WinRAR files?

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    i really have no idea what i'm doing with the winrar. thanks for your help, i didn't know where to post.

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    oh yea, i tried to extract them but after it got done with the first one, it asked me if i wanted to replace it with the next. maybe b/c they all have the same name ("famguyind") and are the same size.

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    they should also have a number after them such as 00, 01, 02, 03 etc. So they have similar but not exact names.

    Just say yes when it asks if you want to replace it and let it finish extracting.
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