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Thread: Isp's Piss Me Off!

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    I have tried two ISPs (before this one) and they both gave me a CD to help set up my connection.

    The first one installed shit all the way through my internet browser. Default home page, default search page, changed the windows icons to the ISP's logo, it even made the caption in the window header "*page description* - brought to you by ISP's name"

    It sucked so bad. It took ages to delete every thing from my registry and restore all the files and defaults back to normal. Infact it even installed Internet Explorer 5.5 over Internet Explorer 6 without my consent. I didn't have a chance to say "O.K", it just did it.

    With that bad experience in mind, I was cautious with my next ISP. They gave me a CD and a booklet to follow.
    I asked: Does this install their name all over my web browser.
    They assured: Probably not.

    Without taking the risk, I went through the booklet and manually typed in the username, password and phone number. But kazaa Lite wasn't working.

    My brother decided maybe there was something on the CD that made the connection proper: BANG! They got his computer. Icons, search page, home page, even a water mark above the address bar.

    Why didn't kazaa lite work? Because the stupid @#%$s block ports!!!!

    Why do ISPs insist on tailoring your web browser to advertise their stupid business. Hell, they already have your business. What are you going to say?

    "Hey look, there's an ISP logo. I had better sign up for another account. I'll sign up my entire family! Thank you so much for f**king up my web browser and ruining any chance I ever had of getting laid again!"

    ISPs piss me off. Now lets hear your bad experiences.

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    I can't say I've had one. My ISP has very nicely kept their advertising away from me.

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    This could be in the "what do you hate" thread!!!

    my Isp is ok but if anything goes wrong i let Lamsey deal with it!

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    You do not need to use there software. All you need is the phone number & manually do the rest. This is for dialup, not sure about broadband.

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    Originally posted by Grim@12 April 2003 - 11:59
    You do not need to use there software. All you need is the phone number & manually do the rest. This is for dialup, not sure about broadband.
    I've got BT broadband and I dont have any BT browser or advertisments or anything, just a connection to the net.

    It's far easier than Freeserve etc.

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    First off, why did you go with America Off-Line?


    This should be in funny stuff...

    Only get the drivers from cd IF any are needed, if not chuck the cd and shoot it with a 12 guage

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    Is this ISP for FREE? All of those logos and banners and stuff.

    Sounds crappy to me.

    I only like internet Service Providers that don't require any software at all. Just rely on Windows' default connections.

    AOHELL and all of those providers have too many tricks and flips to get you online. Always updating and coming out with a way to "make things better". Settings, buddies, download folders and crap.

    I believe in keeping it simple.

    All I want to do is, "LOG ON", click a broswer, and then you are on the web.

    Is this what you are looking for?

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    Also, Dont Use YahooSBC DSL software CD cause it actually causes more problems.
    Set up a new Connection in XP, name it SBCIS5, set everything correctly(shouldnt be hard), then type your username (includeing the part) and your password. Then connect. POOF in an Instant u will be connected. Takes the damn sbc software like 10-20 seconds(sometimes wont even work). Also a router will keep ya online nostop so u dont need to reconnect to the dsl. It'll be on all the time.


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