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Thread: Championship Manager 4 Help

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    I downloaded the game Championship Manager 4 and everyone i asked who had the file said it worked perfectly. But when i opened it up and went to the setup, about 20% of the way through it said that datacab.1 was corrupt, could anyone please help me?or tell me a working file of it

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    bin file is corrupt, kaza has a tendency to do that, if u got a fast connection, then download it again and again till it works, or try a rip version. but before u do that get a program called cdmage and scan the bin file to see if it can fix the corrupted bits

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    Should work fine if you try the minimum install instead of the typical.

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    or use emule instead to get it, as thats has error correction on, might take a bit longer, not much though if your patient with it, me and my mates get 60-100KBs on it now regularly, and you only have to download the cdimage the once, ive never had a bad cdimage with emule, but i cant remember the last time i had a good one with kazaa (not that i use kazaa anymore for these).

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    Just to echo Stoi on this. I got CM4 from eMulePlus, and it was absolutely mint All I had to do was apply the cracked update/no CD and the new season started...

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    Is the genuine Cm4 on Kazaa?,if so what file size is it?,thanks for your help. :beerchug:

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    Btw can someone tell me in which file in CM4 the sound files are stored in? I had to do the minimum install with no sound but I've managed to extract the sound files from the corrupt cab file I had.


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