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Thread: Partition Problems

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    Ok, here is the problem. My friend decided to create a partition for linux onto his computer. So one of my other friends helped him do it. After a while he decided he didn't want the partition anymore, because it was a 20 gb and its taking up too much room. Then my a different friend said it would be easiest to download partition magic, and well thats when the dilemna starts to worsen. It seems as if the partition doesn't show up as a hard drive. I open the Partitioninfo from partition magic, and it shows this

    When I open up partition magic, it shows an error message. It isn't a instalaion error, but more of a different error.

    I guess what I am asking is HELP...please.

    Edit: If this is in the wrong place, please feel free to move it admins/mods
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    there is a driver mapper option in Partition magic, when u change drive letter or resize a partition u need to conform the changes, thats what DriverMapper do.
    and can u provide a Screeny of PartionMagic partition page.
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    partition magic was never anything more than a pain in the ass for me

    so from what you say is there was no problem, besides some used space,
    before PM entered the picture?
    no disc errors, windows screaming bloody murder, failures of this & that, etc?

    see if you can get another app to read the partitions,
    (I would say Acronis Partition Expert), or,
    get a Linux live distro (i.e. Knoppix) and see if you can safely remove the Linux partitions
    you may get the same result, but maybe PM is just being a bitch
    from what PM says you have ~945 or so overlapping sectors,
    and I have never had a Linux partitioner do that to me

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    Can't you just insert a Windows disc and use it to format the Linux partition?


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