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Thread: What's The Best Vcd Burning Prog?

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    OK here is my dilemna

    I can burn VCD's easily with NERO but some films will not fit on a 99 min CDR

    is there no burning prog that you can squeeze the AVI whilst burning to make it fit a 99 min CDR ???

    everyone's thoughts and advice would be welcome

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    stick to NERO

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    stick to nero
    Wizzandabe Posted on 12 April 2003 - 08:41

    well said

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    straight to the point, thats me

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    For making (s)vcd's on a standard 700MB disk the limitations (what will fit on a disk) are
    for vcd (pal+ntsc) +/- 75 minutes
    svcd (ntsc) ,, 40 min
    ,, (pal) ,, 50 min

    Other diskformats (like your 99min cdr) will have to be readable by your hardwareplayer,
    and there is a big chance that it's not!
    On look in left
    column under media to learn more about compatibility-issues.
    This is also a helpful site


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