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Thread: BF2 Map Editor... ?

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    I know the map editor for bf2 has been leaked, does anyone know where to find it? i've searched all the torrent sites that i know without any luck and nobody in my clan has been succesfull in finding it either.

    if anyone can help me out in locating it, i would be appreciative.


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    Quote Originally Posted by official website
    Battlefield 2 Mod Tool Update
    As we mentioned in this space a little over a week ago, the Battlefield 2 Editor was released to a small number of Mod Teams worldwide recently to help us uncover last minute configurations issues and/or documentation omissions. This process has been a tremendous success thanks to the dedicated Community Members involved, and we are in the process of addressing a few last minute issues with the Editor. With that said, we are still a few days from Open Beta release. We again ask for the community's patience, as our goal with the Editor is to provide the most stable, complete toolset possible.

    Many of you have surely noted that a version of the Closed Beta tools have been illicitly provided to a wider audience without our approval. If you choose to download and install these files, please be aware that you do so without any expectation of support from EA or DICE. As noted, the BF2 Editor is still in the process of being cleaned up, and your experience with the toolset will surely be much more positive if you wait for the Open Beta release in the days ahead.

    wow. i feel as unhelpful as a mod now. no offence.

    you might as well just wait a few days for it.

    PS if it doesn't work like call of duty and half-life with the auto download thing. i'm gonna burn the EA offices down
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    yeah. but knowing ea, their week will likely take two months before it's actually released.


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    5,637 SDK would be much nicer than this crap...


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