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Thread: just about had enough of my linksys router, its getting really annoying now

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    Okay, I got lots of problems after I hooked my internet onto my linksys wireless B router, Its getting so f****** annoying. So here it is, first few days I used it, worked great, worked great on the computer I installed it on and worked great w/ the computer w/ the wireless pci card. A few weeks later, the computer w/ router started lagging like crazy, the computer w/ pci installed would drop once a week. Now, the computer with router can't go on any websites or it lags like 10 mins for, the computer w/ wireless pci, drops one or twice a day. This is getting so annoying, I have to pull out all the cables, and wait 5 mins and reconnect again and that'll last me a day. Not to mention my 3 bars on my wireless pci with connection losts every few hours. -.- I'm getting really pissed at it. Any ideas wats going on w/ my d****** router?

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    I have a linksys router, but never had any problems with it. But have you tried restarted the router? maybe reset it?. You might want to try to update it and make a new config file for it. That's all I can think on right now. I love my linksys

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    Did you set it up to use 128-bit encryption? If not, do it now. If it worked ok at first but it is very slow now, it's possible that someone is stealing your bandwidth.

    Or try changing the channel number, maybe someone else has just got a wireless system or they weren't using it when you set yours up. If so then maybe your network channels are interfering.
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    Nope, I don't believe I set anything up about stealing, I dont think anyone else has a wireless around me cause I live in my own house. If anything my computer with wireless pci may be taking bandwidth from the computer w/ the router. So today the problem is computer with router cant go online at all. It connects and it gives me a please contact you dsl provider for technical problems. However, I'm online w/ the computer w/ the wireless pci as you can see. Weird

    --- edit restarted computer and it worked very werid, how do you set up everything those security stuff and WEP? i should password my connection
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    any help...

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    Let me help you a little or not help you but point you to the place/people that do help this is where I get all my help. ANyways this is an online chat from the company Linksys they will help you
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    Try different firmwares. Not necessarily the latest one.

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    A friend of mine had similar problems, his wireless phone was interfering. Don't use a 2.4 GHz phone with B or G, they are known to interfere.

    I had a linksys wireless router that I retired in favour of a d-link. The linksys wasn't very reliable and I've found that the d-link gives me a lot better signal strength and reliability.

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    yea I might plan on getting a new one lol, i do have a wireless phone in the middle of the router n y wireless but how would it drop me? One of my friends has this problem too. Yea I might do the chat, I find their unreliable though, I did one to check if a antenna works cause I didnt want to pull out my computer so that I would get a signal, they said it was compatiable and i bought it anyways cause you ppl said it worked and it was compatiable so their not that reliable. I hook on to my uncles router, I set it up for them so I know the password and stuff, so I checked it out its the same as mine but its firmware 1.42 mine is like 1.50, the newest one sucks too I heard people were installing it and there was problems the firmware would crash.
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