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Thread: DVD Region Conversion from PAL to NTSC

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    This may be a topic hashed and rehashed over and over but the search function, at least for me, hadnt returned any results, so if there are other posts mentioning this, I apologize.

    Anyway, as a member of the USA, nearly all DVD playback equipment is or NTSC and due to the laws set forth in USA, nearly all sources for DVD-R are out of the country, usually in the Euro area.

    With that being said, 75% of the DVD-R's I've downloaded (I usually hunt for NTSC in the title) turn out to be PAL actually and what happens is I end up ruining my ratio, on files I cant even use. Since my upload is slower then download I usually have to upload for a week to get a 1:1 ratio, which is no problem, but its always much nicer to be able to actually use the file you just spent your time downloading.

    So my question is this, does anyone know of a way to convert the DVD-R's from PAL to NTSC? If anyone knows of a way to do this, I would be greatly indebted to you. Thanks in advance!!

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    most DVD players play both PAL and NTSC. I think all DVD players made in the last 2 year always support both.

    check for conversion guides.


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