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Thread: The Sims Expansions Don't Work?!?

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    Hi guys...

    I don't know If I'm the only person trying to download Sim Expansions but I can't find 'The Sims Vacation'...

    Does anyone have or know of a site where I can find the game, or can you not download the expansions of kazaa? plz help...

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    you should post this is requests.

    There are plenty of "sims vacation" on kazaa, I haven't got one yet but search for it and your'll see it named as "GTA4" or something. Check out thier filenames and your'll find it. Wether they work or not, I dont know. I'll download one today and tell you if I get one that works.

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    cheers m8 B) ill try a few now and tell you how i get on

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    PS. File = The Sims Vacation - Full (about 211mb) is not the game, but a racing game instead...

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    lol, thats the exact game I'm getting now. arrghh, oh well I'll try an another. What game is it?, I'm after a racing game.

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    Grand Prix 4 I think m8. Have you downloaded any other Sim expansions of kazaa?

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    There are verified hashes for all "The Sims" games in Gameworld. Go take a gander.

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    oh, I hate grand prix games, Ill cancel it. Thanks.

    Im just trying to get sims vacation now, you gave me the idea, im currently getting version sizes: 82,986k and 164,907k. hopefully they'll work. Im also getting unleashed, cant think of anything better.

    @magicNakor: oh, I'll check it out thanks
    Im already trying to get 6 verifieds all searching so I might just get games from searching myself. for the moment.

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    There are verified hashes for all "The Sims" games in Gameworld. Go take a gander
    sos m8 what do you mean by dat?

    you can see im new at this

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    k m8, I'm downloading the 83092kb one, + the 164930kb one

    the first one should be downloaded in bout 20 mins

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