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Thread: File Download Doesn't Start

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    I am trying to download a TV Show using BitComet and received the following errror message on the Tracker Status line:

    "Error: Tracker Response Error:Invalid peer_id"

    followed by a string of characters.

    What does it mean? And, how can I rectify the problem so I can get this episode?

    Any ideas?


    (Apologies if this has been posted before but I DID search and nothing came up.)

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    Are u trying to download a file from private tracker?
    did u download the torrent from public tracker like mininova, cuz some of torrents r uploaded to public tracker but they need registration with the source(private tracker site like torrentbits).
    usually there is a 'R' sign beside thoes kinda of torrents.

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    Thanks for reply bawa@Klite_user but it was a public tracker and needed no registration.

    I have sorted the problem out now though anyway - it seems that tracker didn't like BitComet so I'm downloading it using the basic Bittorrent client.

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    Hmmm...I don't see how BitComet would have anything to do with it...unless for some reason that client was banned from teh site....which is highly unlikely on a public site.

    Probably what happens is your IP changed, therefore redownloading the torrent and starting it back up should have fixed that problem.
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