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Thread: Universal Plug & Play Problem

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    When i try to start the Service which i need i get the Error i have attached, anyone know how to sort this?? Cheers!
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    what in the world would you need it for?
    it's been one of the biggest security holes in Windows since the dawn of time...

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    Recntly got a BT 205 adsl router, and since that my pc seems slower, read somwwhere if i enable UPNP it wil lhelp or something?

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    dunno, but I'm behind a router with UPnP disabled and I'm fine
    (I myself would look elsewhere for the problem of the speed)


    before you go on with reading the rest of this post.......
    do you mean the whole PC is slow?
    or just network apps? (browser, filesharing, etc?)
    port forwarding may be what you need for fixing network speed,
    but I can't help you there as our routers are no doubt different makes & models

    the event log may lend you some clue as to what's happening
    right click 'my computer'
    select 'manage'
    expand 'event viewer'
    and look throught the logs, there's three of them:
    Application, Secuity, System
    (I wouldn't worry so much about the security log, try app & sys logs)

    try the usual fixes as well, spyware/adware/trojan/virus scans

    defrag the HDDs if you haven't in a while

    I dont think UPnP is the answer,
    if that were it it may not connect at all

    -end of edit-

    but, if you must......
    try looking into your windows services to see what's enabled/disabled

    right click 'my computer'
    select 'manage'
    expand 'services and applications'
    select 'services'

    now in the right hand window you see the list of services,
    and wether they are running/not running, enabled/disabled, etc

    1st and most obvious is the UPnP service, if it's disabled it can't run
    the entry you want is 'Universal Plug and Play Device Host'
    just scroll down the list 'til you see it, and check to see if it's enabled
    (double clicking will bring up a window with some particulars on the service)

    another you may wanna check on is....
    the 'SSDP Discovery Service', as UPnP depends on that service

    make sure those 2 services are set to 'automatic', and that they are running

    -edit again-
    where did you read that about UPnP?
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