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Thread: very wierd problem

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    whenever i press end proccess in the ctrl+alt+delete menu this wierd song starts playing in he backround. i deleted the soung but it still keeps playing. the only way i can get it to stop is if i try to close any proccess that under user name says system - it says "the operation could not be completed access is denied" then the song closes.
    anyone know how to fix this? its very wierd and annoying.

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    update - i found a 2nd copy of the song on the computer and deleted it and now it stopped playing. i still wanna know why this happened though

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    that is indeed absurd...
    i use process explorer instead - it is the same as task manager but better
    you can set an option for it to replace tskmngr when you hit ctrl alt del
    download here -,RSS,00.asp


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