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    I got the alpha of Doom3 the other day from kazaa. However, upon extraction of the rar archive, i got 4 crc errors. 3 of these errors were wav files, which can easily be replaced, however one of the crc errors was in an important file, called activate_demo1.demo
    Could someone please post a hash for this file and could some people please put it in their shared folders. The easiest solution would probably be to download the whole doom3 archive again, but i'm only on dial-up
    The activate_demo1.demo file is only approximately 160meg compared to 364 meg
    Thanks in advance for any help

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    I,ve tried this file 3 times I have now given up. Errors all over the place.

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    doom3 is no wheres near completion yet, any files u may find that are actually real wil not work cuz either A-they r not compatible w/ many other systems then the 1 it is being made on untill the programers add that and B-b4 compltion, a much stronger & faster pc is needed 2 run the game untill evrything is ironed out perfectly, so pretty much any demo/prerelease of doom 3 will not work and i suggest not gettin them bcuz many of the supposed files out there sayin they r doom 3 r potential viruses

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    Search on Google, I tried out the Alpha demo a few months back, you can find step by step instructions on how to get it to work, I have a very nice system, and i get about 5 frames per second, In no way was it enjoyable, wait till it comes out. I'm dissapointed in myself for trying it.

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    hi people i was hoping if it is possible for someone to post up the idlogo.rok file that is in the base\video folder for doom 3. coz mine says its corrupt and when i try running the demo it doesnt even start up so i think that could be the problem.

    it would be great if someone could do that for me coz ive been longing to try this game heard its really good.


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