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Thread: Washers GONE :(

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    WDMA-The best place for all the movies and shows has redently been shut down.

    I am greatly saddened by this latest development. It seems to have stemmed from some ass emailing Lowtax with threats (check FYAD goldmine). My Goony Goons, what are we to do?
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    why dont you post what washers is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConNitric
    If you don't know what I means don't ask.
    What do you mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by {I}{K}{E}
    why dont you post what washers is?
    Maybe this means he now has to wear dirty clothes ? well, atleast you still have a dryer, you can " fluff" them up

    From the jargon, and similar situations I have seen like this, my guess is that washers is a torrent site

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    Thanks... Now that I know they existed, I will greatly miss them too
    Peace of mind Findnot

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    Damn, I thought all people into Bittorrent were on WDMA.

    O.K a little history in order:
    The Humor Website/Forum used to have links to a tracker for downloading torrents. This was a way to keep the webmaster of somethingawful "free" from all liabilities. About a year ago it was decided that the torrents should move totally offsite and no longer be affiliated with somethingawful. Only somethingawful members ( they call themselves goons) could register and they had to do so by Jan 1 after that it became a closed community.

    That was the best damn thing that could have happened. All the leachers got the boot (even the guy who fooled the tracker into thinking he was uploading, he got caught after leeching 2tb) never to return and it was heaven. Any movie/show/album you wanted, just post a request and it was there. No warez though, most people were programmers.

    It's tough to keep a place like that quiet for long. Eventually a few people got all their panties in a bunch and started making threats. The admins decided they had enough of the headach and pulled the plug. It was a sad death.

    Never Forget.

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    8-5-05. Nevar Forget.

    I came back from a two week vacation and tried to log into the forums.... no dice. I found out over at TGC what happened. We cant have anything nice without some ass fucking it over.

    Thanks Washer and Drier Maintanence Advisory.... they were good times while they lasted.
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    WDMA ... rest in peace ... I have been a member of SA since 99 and WDMA since inception .... it hurts to lose such a wonderful community due some petty ego trips


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