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Thread: Return To Castle Wolfenstein

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    Well I don't really know where to put this and if I should have put it in a diff place please inform me....

    I really need to know a good crack site for Return To Castle Wolfenstein 1.41 patch please help I tried so many site sooo many and nothing please help!

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    i love that game
    anyway, the patches r free, so why do u want the crack?
    go to

    u can download the 1.41 patch from there

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    No hes talking about how hes patched his game and the current crack he had before will now not work with his patched version. Its actully quite difficult to get cracks associated directly with patched versions, ( well i find it that way) so i generally dont patch my games. Although in this circumstance, I have RtCW which I bought from a shop and basiclly your screwed if you dont patch lol, as all the servers patch and theres like only 5 left on the last patch.

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    O so like there is no site for it?

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    You don't need a crack, just a CD Key. Either search for a Key Generator in Kazaa (beware of viruses), or go to a Serialz website.


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