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Thread: Feedback on some ideas?

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    Hey guys, this is my first post here. I've been a participating member of the p2p community for quite some time, but I've decided that I want to contribute a little more constructively (something other than bandwidth).

    So, I've got some ideas that my help existing (or future) networks function more efficiently and would love some feedback from you guys. I've got moderate technical ability, but haven't ever learned how to code, so I may be fuzzy on the feasibility of some of these ideas...

    Here's a brief summary of some concepts that I've been thinking about for the file-sharing scene... keep in mind its very rough.

    Here's a link to the PDF

    Here's the plain text (minus highlighting and formatting):

    File-Sharing Concepts for Development

    Scheduled Swarming – Instead of individual users leaching away a sharer’s bandwidth through intermittent file requests, a swarm is scheduled according to as-yet undetermined criterion and file requests are collected. When a trigger event occurs, seeding commences and the swarm becomes active. This should promote more efficient (although less immediate) sharing of less popular files.

    Standardized Information File – This xml formatted file should allow for easier and more accurate indexing and searching of files across file-sharing networks. It should contain information like: media type, title, publication date, bitrate, version, hashing information, torrent tracker, etc. This file should somehow be seamlessly integrated into the shared file.

    Standard File/Directory Structure – This standard should specify the location, filenames, and format of files that are regularly included in a shared archive.
    a) rls.nfo – Contains information and news from the release group that supplied the file.
    b) readme.nfo – Should be included with software. Contains information about version, installation, and cracking.
    c) / - Should only contain the files “rls.nfo” and “readme.nfo.”
    d) /data/ - Should contain the shared materials.
    e) /cs/ - Should contain the crack or serial if applicable.

    Text in red is symbolizes a concept in need of further development.

    Written by: retribuo
    Date: 8/07/2005

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    The swarming idea could work! People just have to remember to keep their p2p program open and their computer on the whole time while waiting for the trigger.

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    the swarming idea is good for Public tracker lite mini nova or p2p networks like kazaa, there is no such a need in private tracker cuz thier already anti-leeched, people have headak cuz of so many seedrs and not be abling to seed much for thier ratio... they should creat a swarming for anti-seeding

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    Thanks for the feedback guys!

    Yea, for the Scheduled Swarming idea, I was thinking it would be most useful in a future p2p network, namely one that is a social network. I've been kinda rolling around an idea for a social network in my head, and that's what has inspired me to try and develop these other ideas further... I think that social network will need them!

    P.S. I've also tossed these ideas out at forums, and all I've gotten are ppl telling me how social networks won't ever work , and that "anonymous" networks like Tor and AnTs are the way to go... Do these guys know what they're talking about, or are there just a lot of fanboys over there? Seems to me that these "anonymous" networks just aren't feasible with today's bandwidth limitations... and I don't see the bandwidth increasing that substantially in the near term.

    Anyway, thanks again... keep givin' me feedback!


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