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Thread: Screensaver Problem

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    For some reason, my screensaver will not stay on the screen. It will come on but after a very short time will sort of flash, and then go off showing the desktop again.
    I have tried changing screensavers, and the settings too, but nothing works. Trying to avoid screen-burn so anyone have any ideas please?

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    quick fix:
    turn off the screen saver and go into power options,
    set the monitor to go into standby after x amount of minutes

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    Curious thing. None of the shutdown or power savingor standby options seem to work now. I can alter the timing of the screensaver, but other than that, no alterations make any difference. Does this sound like some Windows files are corrupted?
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    Hello, I am also having a problem with my screen saver. It comes on but after about 60 seconds sometimes up to 15 minutes goes back to the desktop on it's own. In other words it will not stay on. Any suggestions?


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