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Thread: Crashing problem, could be the xp?

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    Hey guys! I'm having a big time problem with my new pc. (dunno if i am in the right section for this...)

    i just got a new pc ok..

    Well the format part finished ine and the windows xp installed with no problems.

    However, when i try to install the drivers, as soon as it reach the graphics drivers it crashes right after is finished.

    Could it be the xp? or is my motherboard's fault??? PLS HELP GUYS

    My motherboard is Intel D 915 GAV

    I don't know about my graphics card, it came with the motherboard.

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    more info needed for any help to be given

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    What video drivers did you try?

    This is the graphic system on that board:

    Driver updates for your board available here:

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    Thank you guys for your help!

    Problem fixed


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