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    hi, i'm in mision 2 and my mision is to laser mic those two bad guys in the glas elivator... i just grabed a officer for the eye scan, i used the computer in the main hall but i can't use the door in the room behind the eyescan door.
    the alarm is still on... how do i deactivate it?

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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    Make sure you've hidden ALL the bodies since the beginning of the level.
    If you didn't then you'll have to restart it
    III. Georgian Defense Ministry


            CIA agents Blaustein and Madison were killed for getting too
            close to information that president Kombayn Nikoladze of Georgia
            needed to protect. Vyacheslav Grinko, a Russian Mercenary, is
            tied to Nikoladzeís secret; they have arranged to meet at the
            Defense Ministry.

        Initial Goals
            Infiltrate the east wing of the Georgian Defense Ministry

            Discover Vyacheslav Grinkoís whereabouts by interrogating his

            Avoid tripping an alarm

      Items          Gadgets                    SC-20K
          None            5.7mm pistol (40)          None
                          Lock Pick
                          Optic Cable
                          Laser Mic
                          Disposable Pick

        III.1 Finding Grinkoís Driver (SC-III.1)

                  You begin this mission on the roof of the Defense Ministry. Walk
            over to the pointed stovepipe. Press the interact button to begin
            rappelling down the side of the building. Move down or jump down
            until you are above the window. Press jump to go in. Crouch down and
            turn on your night vision. Hide behind the book shelves. Wait for
            the guard to pass and return to his desk. When he does, sneak up and
            grab him. Pull him to the area where you entered and knock him out.
            Approach the door staying against the right wall. Shoot the camera
            with your pistol and get the data stick from the computer. Turn off
            the lights and open the door.

                  Hide behind the open door and watch the guard. When the guard
            is going away go across the hall and hide behind the pillar. Once
            the guard comes toward you and walks away again, head to the door
            on the left.

                  Go down the stairs until you can hear the camera. Pull out your
            pistol and move to the left side until you can see the camera. Shoot
            it and continue down the stairs. Stop when you hear another camera.
            Shoot it and continue. Head to the next door. Open the door and look
            for the camera on the wall. Shoot it and head left out the door. Go
            to the end and move along the wall in shadows. Donít worry about the
            other camera, it canít see you. Edge along the wall and you will come
            across Grinkoís driver who is, uhh, relieving himself. Sneak up and
            grab him. Interrogate him and knock him out in the dark.

        III.2 The Security Laser Grid (SC-III.2)

        New Goals
            Infiltrate the south wing of the Georgian Defense Ministry

            Deactivate the courtyard security laser grid

            Laser mic the Grinko and Masse conversation in the glass elevator
            leading to Nikoladzeís office.

                  Go back the same way you came heading to the door. A guard is
            now at the door where you entered. Stay by the wall and sneak up
            and grab him. Pull him into the dark and knock him out. Go up the
            stairs to the door where you entered. Exit the door and sneak up
            behind the guard in the hall. Stay to the left wall and stay in the
            shadows in case he looks back. Grab him and take him to the shadows.
            Knock him out and continue down the hall to the door on the right.
            Open the door and take a few steps. Look up to see the camera above
            the door. Shoot it before you enter.

                  Enter the room and get the data sticks from the computer. Pick
            the lock on the other door and go in. You will see an open window
            across the courtyard where you must go. Walk out the door and go to
            the left side of the balcony. Jump onto the railing and jump again
            to grab the ledge. Move to the right until you get to the open
            window. Press jump to drop onto the windowsill. Go inside and pick
            up a bottle. Wait for the guard to walk out of the room. Crouch down
            near the table and throw the bottle into the freezer. Pick up another
            bottle and exit the room when they walk away. Walk towards the door
            that is open but donít go in. Hide next to the nearby light switch
            in the dark. When the guard comes in, throw the bottle by the light
            switch. When he comes over, sneak up and knock him out. Once he is
            out and the body is hidden, exit the cafeteria and go downstairs to
            the right.

                  Approach the guard between the two pillars at the bottom. Grab
            him and pull him to the shadows near the stairs and knock him out.
            Very slowly and quietly, go down the steps on the left. At the
            bottom, make a U-turn to the left and sneak behind the steps. Sneak
            up behind the guard at the computer and grab him. Pull him into the
            shadows and knock him out. The body must not be able to be seen from
            the desk. Slowly go to the computer and use it to turn off the laser
            security grid. Go back to the shadows. Wait for the colonel to come
            and sit at the desk and use the computer. Sneak up and grab him. Take
            him back to the retinal scanner and force him to use it. Pull him
            into the shadows and knock him out. Pick up his satchel and head
            through the door you just opened.

                  Walk toward the wall in front of you and move to the left until
            you see the camera. When the camera pans to the left, run to the
            corner to the right of the door. Shoot the camera with your pistol
            and select the laser mic in your inventory. Go outside and you will
            see Grinko and Masse get into the glass elevator. Get to a dark spot
            and pull out the laser mic. Keep the mic on the elevator to record
            the conversation.

        III.3 Nikoladzeís Computer (SC-III.3)

        New Goal
            Infiltrate the north wing of the Georgian Defense Ministry

            Access Nikoladzeís computer in his office

                  Put the mic away once the conversation is finished, then run
            along the right side until you reach the hedges before the door on
            the opposite side. Hide there while three guards come out. When all
            the guards are away, go to the door and climb the lattice on the
            right side of it. Climb to the top and drop in the window. You see
            that someone is coming down the elevator, so run to the door on the
            elevatorís left and hide inside. Grab the disposable pick and watch
            the guards with the optical cable. When they are at the other end of
            the hall, exit quietly and go left to the elevator. Go in and access
            the controls. Go up. While going up, pull out the disposable pick.

                  When you reach the top, head to the first door on the left and
            use the disposable pick to open it. Go inside and access the computer
            to get a data stick. Jump onto the desk and face the wall with a
            clock on it. Jump and pull yourself into the air ducts. Put on your
            night vision and move through to the next hole. Drop into the hallway
            below and take out your pistol. Shoot the camera at the end of the
            hall. Head into the first door on your left and turn on your night
            vision. Pick up the medical kit and the 5.72mm ammo. Climb the ladder
            to the top. Open the trap door and exit onto the roof. Walk between
            the two skylights to the stovepipe. Rappel down the side of the
            building until you are above the window.

                  Watch the soldier in the office until he turns to the right and
            is not looking at you. Move to the middle of the window and pull out
            your pistol. Aim for his head and fire two shots to make sure he goes
            down. Walk to the soldier and pick up the satchel that contains a
            frag grenade. Access the computer to get the files. Move to the
            window quickly and crouch down. Drop out and Sam will hold on to the
            ledge. Three soldiers enter the office and search around. Once they
            leave, pull yourself back up and access the computer again to
            complete the transfer.

        III.4 The Getaway (SC-III.4)

        New Goal
            Rendezvous with Junior Wilkes in the basement parking garage
            for extraction

                  Exit the door and go to the left. Follow the hall to the door
            on the left. Go down the stairs and pick up the medical kit at the
            bottom. Exit through the door and run across the roof to the elevator
            shaft. Quickly jump forward to the pipe and slide down. Go fast
            because soldiers are following you. Once you reach the bottom, jump
            down the rest of the way. Run through the parking lot to where
            Grinkoís car was parked. Donít worry about the gun shots, itís Junior
            Wilkes taking out a guard. Go around the corner and talk to Junior
            Wilkes to complete the mission.

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    Hi. I still have some problem with this mission.
    I've hidden all bodies & I'm going outside & the elevator starts. I go to the dark place & use laser mic, but It's always mission failed. I tried keepin mic on the elevator all the time & stoping using it before the elevvator reaches the top but it did'nt help. I downloaded patch 1.2, but it can't check my Splinter Cell version. Does anybady have same problem? Ppl please help me! It's great game & I want to play it, but I can't becouse of this.



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