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Thread: Studying Telecommunication..., any good ?

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    Hey guys,

    i finished highschool , so i have to decide really soon what to study in university .. , i'm thinking of telecommunication , i'd appreciate it if you guys share your opinions about it( is it good, bad , hard , easy ..etc !) . Also , it would be great if someone could explain what i'll be learning if i chose this field ( like what kind of programming languages .. etc ), and finally, please recommend me a specific program if you have any in your mind about this major !.

    btw: i'm thinking about either learing telecommunication or BIS ( Business Information System ) , so if you have an idea about both of them, please tell me which one do you think is better and why ..

    would really appreciate any hep guys !

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    bump .. , anyone ?!

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    in a plane, high as fuck
    Normally if noone replies they dont know...

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    No-one here is that educated. You sir, are clearly a swot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by metallicaband
    Hey guys, i finished highschool
    well aren't we special

    Don't do anything business related, you'll regret it - do something interesting like telecom, whatever that is


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