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Thread: Omg! I Am So Fed Up. Office Xp/2000 Problems

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    I have downloaded Office XP AND Office 2000 in Kazaa and they both DO NOT WORK. Every single time it says that there is a problem with!!! On both versions!! I don't know what else to do. Is my sytem? Kazaa? I have no other solutions to the problem. I need either program because I HAVE to do a 12-page essay! This is ridiculous. Is there anybody who can help me? People say that it works on their system, but it doesn't on mine. Am I doing something wrong. PLEASE HELP!!

    This is the bad file.

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    I d/l office xp and it worked fine. Just go to kazaa search and type office xp. Wait for the files to come up and look for a file called "microsoft office xp with frontpage US" (or somethin along those lines). The artist should be "earbiscuits". Once you have that file install it and should work fine. Serial Number included. ... ...

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    That's the EXACT file I downloaded.

    Maybe I extracted it incorrectly. How did you install?

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    I have Office XP also. Just extract it to a folder. Then use the installer icon that is unique to itself to install it with. The other two icons that look the same, are not the ones you use to install with. Also,............. don't forget to burn your Office XP to disc. It makes it easy to install again later,.... like after you reformat.


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